Console based password management application

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A nice command line password manager, which is smart enough to use different SQL Databases (MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL and MongoDB).
Pwman3 can also copy passwords to the clipboard (on Mac and Linux and Windows) without exposing them, so you save some typing. Besides managing and storing passwords, Pwman3 can also generate passwords using different algorithms.

Nice Features in pwman3:

A very important note about security

If you are a concerned about security, please note:


Pwman3 requires the following debian packages:

python3-colorama python3-cryptography xsel - to copy password to clipboard on Linux

Pwman3 supports Python 3.x Only!

To install from source:

You can install PWMAN3 using python pip:

$ pip install pwman3

User Interface

  1. When xsel is install on a Linux system, you can copy passwords directly to clipboard with the copy command.
  2. The command 'open' will open the default browser if URL is specified.
  3. An automatic 'clear screen' function is called after printing an entry in the database. The screen will be cleared after 5 seconds by default. However, this can be changed by changing the correct value in ~.pwman/config:

      cls_timeout = 10

    To disable the automatic 'clear screen' functionality set cls_timeout to a negative integer.

      cls_timeout = -1

making a password from the numeric character and the alphabet character ([A-Za-z0-9]).

You can add a parameter for making the password to the config(~/.pwman/config).

For Example:

 numerics = true

Passwords can contain one of the following special signs:

specialsigns = ["@", "#", "?", "!", '\\', "|", "$",
                 "%", "^", "&", "*", "(", ")", ":", ";",
                 "{", "}", "+","-"]

The config file must have the following option:

special_signs = true

Individual password policy can be chosen with:

 Pwman3 0.2.1 (c) visit:
 pwman> n {'numerics':True, 'special_signs':True}
 Username: username
 Password length (default: 8): 12
 New password: Q1dab@7abhk4

Copying password to X11 or Mac clip board:

On Mac OSX systems copying utilizes pbcopy

On X11 Systems Specify the path to xsel if you already have ~/.pwman/config

xsel = yes
xselpath = /usr/bin/xsel

When launching pwman for the first time, it will try and look for xsel and write the configuration properly.